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Kit Guide

When it Rains

By Emma Ralph 22nd February 2022



When it rains it pours, whatever temperature you're facing, the wet is always a given. Layer up with Aquafleece® with a PU coated fleece that is fully waterproof, durable and flexible, whilst the brushed fleece inner surface makes it very comfortable. or, for more breathability, our Passage top layers suitable for any journey, when every season is wet season.


Where it all began!
The Rooster Aquafleece® is one of our best sellers, and a product we are proud to be the originators of. Decades on, we still believe in the fabric and products as much as we did from day 1, and we are constantly trying to find more ways to use this fabric across our range, because we love it so much!
The fabric is PU (polyurethane) coated fleece that is fully waterproof, durable and flexible, whilst the brushed fleece inner surface makes it super comfortable. We produce our Aquafleece® fabric in 2 different weights (over several colours):
1. ‘Pro’ - heavier weight for added warmth in cold conditions. We always tape the seams on our ‘Pro’ Aquafleece® products to ensure complete waterproof protection.
2. ‘Classic’ - a slightly lighter weight Aquafleece® fabric. We use this on our classic and pro lite Aquafleece® products, and leave the seams untaped for increased breathability and lower weight for warmer conditions.




Our Passage collection derives its name from the purpose of the product; suitable for any passage you may undertake, no matter how big or small! It uses a 3 layer construction, laminating Nylon Taslon with a TPU membrane and 20D Polyester Tricot to create 1 combined fabric. There is also a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment applied to the fabric to improve its performance further. The TPU membrane acts as a barrier to ensure that the fabric is highly waterproof, whilst the outer surface provides durability and protection to the membrane and the inner layer acts as a moisture wicking surface to take moisture away from the skin.

We use the highest quality Hipster Tapes to laminate over all the seams to ensure that no water will penetrate through.

We combine the 3L fabric with Cordura on some panels of the Passage range to enhance the technical performance of our products.
See below for more details:


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