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Meet our ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors are a concise and select group of global sailors and watersports athletes who are fully supported by Rooster. Our Brand Ambassadors are carefully chosen to represent Rooster in a range of sports, classes and performance levels and they vary from exceptional individuals, to Olympic sailors. Not only are our Brand Ambassadors professionals in their arena, they are also merited on their approachable nature, humble attitude and will to support others around them. Get to know more about our 2024 Brand Ambassadors below.

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Samuel Mabey

Country: UK

Class/Sport: Inshore/Offshore Yacht Racing

Big Day Ritual: A short run, eat well, lots of coffee, early night 

Goals for 2024: Improve my inshore sailing skills on smaller keelboats. 

Other Hobbies : Cycling, running, skating, skiing.

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Ben Rosenberg

Country: US

Class/Sport: Moth

Big Day Ritual: Bike Ride before sailing to spin the legs and clear the mind

Goals for 2024: Top 10 Moth Worlds 2024

Other Hobbies: Road Biking, Rock Climbing

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Neus Ballester Bover

Country: Spain

Class/Sport: 49er FX/Sailor

Big Day Ritual: Before the competition they listen to music, especially Coldplay. And in the sea, take a few breaths before the race.

Goals for 2024: Continue learning a lot, have fun with what I do, be healthy and have my family and friends near.

Other Hobbies: All the water sports and I hate going to the mountains.

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Facundo Mario Olezza Bazan (Facu)

Country: Argentina

Class/Sport: Sailing, ILCA 7

Big Day Ritual: Switch phone off and stretching

Goals for 2024: Qualify for Paris 2024

Other Hobbies: Golf, study physics at v

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Monika Mikkola

Country: Finland

Class/Sport: Sailing, ILCA 6

Big Day Ritual: No pre-comp rituals, but when I de-rig my boat after sailing, everything has its own place, so everything is always in the same order under my boat cover

Goals for 2024:  The Olympics!

Other Hobbies : All to do with the sea and water, but outside of those I love to ski, and play the piano when I have the chance

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Laszlo Drummond

Class/Sport: Optimist

Country: UK

Goals for 2024: To make a place in the Euros. And… just to have a good season racing. 

Other Hobbies: Football, F1, Biking, E-Foiling, Remote Control, Droning

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Emily Lewis

Country: UK

Class/Sport: Canoe sprint 

Big Day Ritual: Nice relaxed walk with the dog.

Goals for 2024: Paris 2024 Olympics

Other Hobbies : Love playing board games or cards!

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Matt Beck

Country: UK

Class/Sport: kiting, sailing & wingfoiling

Big Day Ritual: Quick warm up pre race day to get into the zone

Goals for 2024:Win the youth americas cup with Athena Pathway

Other Hobbies: Cycling

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Victoria and Antonia Schultheis

Country: Malta

Class/Sport: 49erFX

Big Day Ritual: Lasagne for dinner the night before

Goals for 2024: Paris 2024 Olympics

Other Hobbies:

Antonia: Crocheting,reading & volleyball

Victoria: Climbing, reading, yoga & playing guitar

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Alicia Fras & Elena Barrio García

Country: Spain

Class/Sport : 49er Fx

Big Day Ritual:

Alicia: Wear red gloves

Elena: Has to use a sunscreen that she only uses during competition

Goals for 2024 : Be part of the Spanish Olympic team 

Other Hobbies :

Alicia: Cycling and knitting

Elena: Horse riding and sewing.

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Hernan Umpierre Odini & Fernando Diz Bercerra

Country: Uruguay

Class/Sport: 49er

Big Day Ritual: Nothing special, stick to the routine with fitness activation before sailing

Goals for 2024: Top 8 Olympic Games

Other Hobbies : Spending time with family and friends, travelling to new destinations, kitesurfing and hiking