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By Emma Pearson 20th October 2022

Rooster's original and increasingly popular Aquafleece® is the brands bread and butter, and has taken many forms over the years, from Spraytops to jackets, Gloves,Hats, the list is endless... We are made about Aquafleece® with continual innovation into new styles designed with everyone in mind, utilising the iconic Polyurethane outer shell bonded to a snug fleece inner in different fabric weights depending on the product and purpose.But which is for you? There is no simple definitive answer to this question, but the following guidance should help you choose what’s best for you.  For the occasional watersport partaker: Someone who maybe only sails a...

A Community On The Water

  As life slowly becomes more like how we remembered it to be, as events, regattas, and races get planned...

By Emma Ralph 22nd February 2022

Rooster Athletes Take on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Row Challenge

Since the first crossing in 1896, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean has been a challenge that has adapted to the...

By Florence Hales 9th December 2022

Varnishing a carbon mast

I'm now of an age where my memory isn't quite what it once was. At work, I have become highly...

By Mark Harper 22nd February 2022

Launching a Laser/ILCA on a Lee Shore

Lee Shore Launching in a Laser/ILCA - YouTube Launching on a lee shore can be daunting but in a Laser/ILCA...

By Steve Cockerill 22nd February 2022