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Technique Tips

Blog articles on how to great the best from your chosen water sport.

Top 10 Winging Tips - Theo Galyer

By Rooster Ambassador 13th January 2023

1.Make sure you start on bigger kit as this will make the start of the winging journey much less painful. For example, when deciding on a board to start your journey as a Beginner the sensible formula is Weight + 40L. So, if you are 80kg I would suggest getting at least a 120L board. As this will provide stability which is your friend. The second-hand market is massive, especially on Facebook groups as people are often downsizing kit as they progress 2.Always wear a helmet no matter your ability. The are some sharp and solid elements to the kit that are...

A 60 Second Trick That Might Save Your Bacon!

After experiencing some crazy winds at the weekend, I realised that it was time to change my rudder pull down...

By Steve Cockerill 22nd February 2022

Top Topper Tip

If you are a keen topper sailor then this tip might just be for you!Do you struggle keeping the boat...

By Rooster Ambassador 22nd February 2022

Sailing at Stokes Bay - Tidal Information

I have been shown current flow diagrams that sailors use to show strength and direction. They are generally confusing -...

By Steve Cockerill 22nd February 2022

How to Recover Your Boat With an Onshore Breeze

How you recover your boat safely with an onshore breeze depends on the type of boat you sail. As a...

By Steve Cockerill 22nd February 2022