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Lee Shore Launching in a Laser/ILCA - YouTube

Launching on a lee shore can be daunting but in a Laser/ILCA it’s relatively easy.

I tend to only attach my mainsheet once I am near the water, to avoid taking out other peoples’ tiller extensions, trollies and dogs with my Laser Mainsheet.    With large waves, the hard part is trying to hold the bow into the wind and waves.  Once you have your daggerboard down, you can use it as a pivot, pushing the transom the way you need to, ensuring that the sails remain head to wind.  Then you can take your fully down rudder and stock, that you had left tucked under the traveller line for safety and attach it to your pintles and you are off.  The video was the only one I had and shows a man giving me a hand with my trolley.  The rest was easy.


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