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Rooster Riders

What are riders?

Our Rooster Riders are passionate members of the sailing and watersports communities. They embody the Rooster spirit, using their friendly and approachable nature to connect with fellow water enthusiasts. They share advice, tips, and gear recommendations both on and off the water, helping others make the most of their sessions. Our Riders are trusted ambassadors who represent Rooster and engage with watersports lovers on our behalf.

Please note: We're not actively recruiting Rooster Riders at this time, but all enquiries will be considered and responded to accordingly.

A role Model

A role Model

Be everyone's friend in the boat park,
lend a hand help out when you can.
Review Hero

Review Hero

Make sure you leave a helpful review, so
you can help our global customers make
their decision - What a legend!
Social media

Social media

Whatever your doing, don't forget to tag us
@ROOSTERKIT, whether it's a story, reel or post.


Share your race tips, kit-spiration and tell
your best life hacks to your community.


Send in your media to the team. Get in
touch with any new or updates
- keep us in the loop
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