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Blog articles by the Rooster Ambassadors from around the world.

An Ambassadors First Nationals: The Kit That Got Him Through It

By Rooster Ambassador 22nd February 2022

I'm Rory Ferrier, a 14 year old Scottish Rooster ambassador honoured to be part of the team. This summer I competed in my first ILCA Nationals. It has been on the calendar since the early start of this year hence my excitement. Because of COVID the whole of the Scotland team going down were buzzing to get a glimpse of Weymouth's riches for the first time in over a year and for me it was a first. Thankfully I was well equipped and ready to go with Rooster's kit. My never ending hole of a bag consisted of; Pro Laced ankle strap...

The Sailing Adventures of Hannah Shelmerdine

Hi, my name is Hannah. I’m a disabled competitive sailor and have been sailing now for about four years. I...

By Rooster Sailing 22nd February 2022

Campaign Planning - How to Approach a Sponsor

As a company that champions grass roots sailing and takes pride in sponsoring a diverse range of sailors of varying...

By Rooster Sailing 22nd February 2022