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I am currently transitioning from sailing a Topper to a 29er, and it's been an exciting and challenging journey so far. One of the biggest adjustments has been adapting to sailing with a crew and learning to manage two additional sails effectively. Sailing a double-handed boat requires coordination and teamwork, which has pushed me to become more organised. Additionally, we've joined a new sailing club, so I've had to familiarise myself with new race schedules and unfamiliar waters. 

Communication has proven to be crucial for our success on the water. I've also discovered that 29ers are significantly more sensitive to weight distribution, which has led to a few unplanned swims as we refine our technique. Transitioning from handling a single sail to managing two or sometimes three sails has been a steep learning curve.

Despite these challenges, I am thoroughly enjoying the process of mastering the 29er and navigating new waters. The experience has been both rewarding and educational, and I look forward to continuing to improve and grow as a sailor.


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