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An Ambassadors First Nationals: The Kit That Got Him Through It

By Rooster Ambassador 22nd February 2022
I'm Rory Ferrier, a 14 year old Scottish Rooster ambassador honoured to be part of the team. This summer I competed in my first ILCA Nationals. It has been on the calendar since the early start of this year hence my excitement. Because of COVID the whole of the Scotland team going down were buzzing to get a glimpse of Weymouth's riches for the first time in over a year and for me it was a first. Thankfully I was well equipped and ready to go with Rooster's kit. My never ending hole of a bag consisted of; Pro Laced ankle strap boot, Pro Hikers 4/3mm Fixed Battens, 2018 Supertherm Top, Aquafleece, Diamond Overhead Buoyancy Aid 50n in blue and last but not least the blue Aeromesh cap. I have only had the Rooster Pro Hikers for the Nationals and have loved wearing them every second up the brutal beat on the Lasers torturing side decks. They really make the boat a joy to sail even downwind. I thought the pads might irritate me downwind but they don't compromise my technique in the slightest. As a result, I can see them sticking in the top of my bag for a while. To go with the hikers, on top I wear the 2018 Supertherm top. This is a great piece of kit that I have been wearing for a while now. It is an all round great accessory that can be interchanged depending on the conditions. One of the reasons that I am in love with this product so much is that it is like having a spray top on but much more manoeuvrable and can be used in the winter with an Aquafleece, when wearing all of these its feels like a warm hug which is more than enough to stay warm in Scotland's less than warm waters. When sailing on the second last day of the event it was gusting 30 knots and it was a big sea in Weymouth bay, I was screaming downwind on the last leg before the finish in the top 30% of the fleet but sadly capsized to windward. Luckily I had my Rooster buoyancy aid on, it's small which is great for tacking and gybing as you cant even tell you're wearing it but it's also big enough (50nt) that it will keep you afloat with ease. In the past couple of months I have had some ankle/knee problems and wanted a really supporting boot for sailing as I knew when the nationals would come I'd be out for hours sailing and that I'd have to have a good boot or else I'd be in agony. I bought the Rooster pro laced ankle strap boot and it has failed to disappoint. It has been a godsend! I could sail for hours on end and feel no pain in that area. And last but not least, again, the aeromesh blue cap. I love this cap. I never go sailing without it. Apart from it keeping the sun off my face I think it looks really cool and I feel proud to wear it in sun rain and potentially snow. In conclusion I came first in the silver fleet in the nationals and wow… What an amazing time I had. I couldn't have got that result without my Rooster kit.

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