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Technique Tips

Top Topper Tip

By Rooster Ambassador 22nd February 2022

If you are a keen topper sailor then this tip might just be for you!

Do you struggle keeping the boat flat or upright going upwind in high winds? If you do then I think that this tip will great help to your topper sailing.

When I started racing in my topper in strong winds I always found that my boat hated me and always wanted me wet somehow. So apart from using lots of Cunningham (to keep the fullness near the mast) and vang (to flatten the sail) tension I learnt this very good tip from my Eastern Area Development Squad, which helped me keep the boat flat going upwind. The tip was; to pull your dagger board up a little bit, which reduces the drag in the water. This will help you sail upwind without struggling. However this might let the boat slip sideways a bit, but I found this was quicker than being capsized!

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