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Boat Maintenance Tips

Laser® Bailer Spring - and it will work for ever!

By Steve Cockerill 22nd February 2022
Sometimes we develop good ideas ourselves; sometimes they fall in our lap. I am not taking any credit for this invention, but it is sheer brilliance on the part of a fellow Masters Laser sailor!

Perhaps its because I have to spend half an hour every 6 months changing my self bailer bands, or maybe its the worry that the bailer might leak for the next sail after changing them. This is a once only solution. However, they only work on the current official (old replica) nautos® self bailers for the Laser® or ILCA...

So when you open yours up for the umpteenth time to change the bands, check its a nautos® which most of them are by now) and you can fit a Rooster® Spring Plate instead of the rubber bands. They are class legal and are being manufactured under the Rooster Parts Brand. 

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