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An Olympic Journey & Moving on from the Finn, Facu Olezza

By Rooster Ambassador 22nd February 2022

After returning from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, placing 6th overall, Argentinian Rooster Ambassador Facundo Olezza (Facu) has been reflecting on his journey with the Finn class:

Since the very end of Rio Olympics my team and I started working straight away to pursue the process of becoming my best possible version. It has always defined me to want better and more, and that has always been my fuel and my path. I have been through a really tough struggle on the way to Tokyo as my country (Argentina) went through a really tough time economically and socially.

While during lockdown it was almost impossible to keep up the good training, the challenge was to keep up the good attitude and keep working on myself. Being able to use adversity to become stronger and still work on some aspects of myself as a sportman and as a person, gave me the determination and strength needed to fight at the olympics and come away with a good result, regardless of my expectations.

The Rooster team and I have been on the same page from day 1, we both agree that results are not as important as the journey. As well, having a wide range of kit that suited me for the cold European winter regattas where my choice of preference are the Pro Hikers with Battens combined with the Thermaflex® Top. Where in the warmer weather in Tokyo I sailed in fresh lighter kit, with the UVF Quick-Dry Tech Top combined with my absolute favourite Pro Rash Legs with Pro Hike Pads. What I respect and enjoy the most about Rooster, is the values of the team behind the scenes and the pursuit of becoming better with a really strong passion with which I identify with myself!

My new journey in the ILCA 7 has begun as the Finn is no longer going to be in the Olympics, and I look forward to and embrace the new challenge!


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