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Fun Stuff

Competition entry #9: 4 Expert Sailing Hacks to Make into Nifty Habits

By Emma Ralph 22nd February 2022
Step-by-Step Hack logic from Richard:
  1. Turn a spare bung into a pressure testing tool.

    Drill a hole in a spare bung and glue in a tubeless car or bike tyre valve. Now you can attach a bike pump to check for leaks.
  2. 2. Safety Knife hack

    Drill a hole in your Rooster safety knife and attach some shock cord. Attach to buoyancy aid so if you drop it, it won’t sink to the bottom. (editor note - the Rooster Safety knife already has a small hole between its two halves - big enough to slip a small knot into it and it will be safe forever.  Note to self - make a better video to show this off.)
  3. 3. Expert Trolley Location

    Used coloured duck tape on your trolley and/or trailer so you can easily find it at an event.

    4. Superlative Sail Rolling

    Use a drainpipe to roll your sail….but make a few additions to make it better Use a piece of elastic with a bobble on attached roughly halfway along the tube to attach the head of the sail.
  4. Now when you roll the tube the sail will be rolled onto it and won’t slide out of the sail. Attach elastic loops at either end of the pipe and use them to attach to your trolley whilst you're on the water. When you come back in you have the tube ready to roll your sail up.

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