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Get yourself ready for the season by making sure you have a buoyancy aid that is the right fit for you and ensures you are comfortable on the water. Here is some of our best advice when it comes to buoyancy aids.

Does it fit properly?

Your buoyancy aid should be snug to your body when fully tightened. If you can't get it close to your body through tightening the straps then it is probably too large. Your buoyancy aid, adjustable or not, shouldn't rise up to your mouth/ears when pulled up as otherwise it will do this when you're in the water, making swimming difficult.

Is it still safe?

Your buoyancy aid should be certified for your weight and without any obvious signs of reduced buoyancy. Conduct a basic visual inspection to check all the obvious things:

That the foam has not clearly deteriorated

Make sure that there are no rips or tears that will affect its performance

If there are any buckles, check they are all still working

If you want to check the buoyancy of a CE certified buoyancy aid there is a simple test you can perform to make sure it is still safe* Check it out here:

*Rooster takes no responsibility for inaccuracies during your own test.

Still not sure?

Contact our customer service for any advice you may need :) 


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