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Once you have taken delivery of your new Rooster road trailer, below you will find some useful information about setting up the trailer and its care.

Boat Loading Tips

Inside – Tie all your sailing and boat kit well in place using padding to prevent any scratching to the hull, and put any kit bags evenly distributed over the axle to maintain nose weight.

Covers – Ensure covers are put on tightly to reduce flapping, which can rip the fabric.

Boat – Make sure your boat is on its trolley properly (forward & horizontal) and the trolley is securely fitted on the trailer. Tie the front of the boat forward and down to the trailer. Tie the back of the boat down at the most rear point of the trailer to stop it lifting away from the cradle (don't tie it too tight as this can stress the boat or damage the cradle). Use padding under the rope/strap to protect the cover/boat. If using rope make a purchase loop below the gunwale to tighten.

Mast – Halyards and shrouds etc. need to be secured to the mast to prevent frapping which can cause scratches. Use the mast support on the trailer to take most of the weight of the mast by placing the base as far forward as possible. Ideally use a transom mast crutch (not supplied with a Rooster trailer) to secure the mast at the rear. An adjustable rear mast support can be purchased here

Why not remove the standing rigging and use the Rooster Rigging Bag?  See HERE for more details

Lighting Board – The pull-out lighting board support arms must be tightly secured into position (ideally so that the lighting board is just behind the transom of the boat) and the lighting board secured to them using the supplied elastic straps. Then use a padded trailer straps (not supplied with a Rooster trailer) over the top of the boat to tis the arms together to reduce lighting board movement and vibration.

Hitching up – Make sure that the trailer is securely fitted to the vehicle and the secondary coupling is also in place. Remember to plug in your lighting board in!

Vehicle – Please make sure the towing vehicle weight is less than 22 tons

Setup and User Guide

1. Unscrew all clamps.

2. Lift arm until in a straight line and slide arm back to the required length.

3. Bolt into place and tighten all clamps.

4. Do the same of the other side of the trailer.

5. Place the trailer board at the back and fix using the shock cord/elastic supplied. Plug the trailer board into the socket at the front of the trailer by the mast support.

6. Tie the arms togther over the top of the boat using a padded trailer strap to reduce arm vibration.

7. Also do not forget to check/tighten the lower front mast support bolt.

Trailer Care Information

All Rooster trailers are EU and UK Type Approved and comply with current construction and lighting regulations. However, the responsibility lies with the driver of any road vehicle to ensure that the trailer is used as designed and is in working order.

Lighting Board - Under new legislation the lighting board and it support arms are part of the trailer and are also type approved . Before using a lighting board always check that all the lights are functioning correctly. If the trailer stays outdoors, take the lighting board off and store it inside.

Tyres - Keep them pumped up to a maximum of 58psi for 8" wheels and a maximum of 58psi for 10" wheels. Replace every 5 years as a matter of course. Check that the tyre has a 1.6mm of tread over the central 75% of the tyre width for the whole circumference, also check for cuts or bulges. (Always carry a spare wheel plus a Wheel Brace and a Jack).

Wheel Nuts - The wheel nuts must be torqued to 57Nm. It is ESSENTIAL that the torque settings are re-checked after the first 30 miles or 50 km and subsequently before each journey.

Wheel Bearings - Check once a year and re-grease as required.

Paperwork - Keep your certificate of conformality that comes with your new trailer.

Extra items to consider:

Spare 8" wheel HERE

Spare 10" wheel HERE

Spare Trailer Hub HERE

Rear mast support HERE

For more information on towing please visit https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car and https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/trailer-and-towing-equipment

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