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It's no surprise that where we work plays a big part in our lives and lifestyle as a whole. The team at Rooster are fortunate that we have regular opportunities to integrate our favourite elements of water sports with what we do everyday. Our sales team could discuss wetsuits, neoprene and getting the most out of your time on the water till the end of time, some just love to articulate every nook and cranny of chandlery all day every day down to the last 4mm spring. The product designers are self critical sailing champions, not to mention our Directors, Accounts, Marketing and Warehouse teams are constantly testing, obsessing over and critiquing every product thrown around our open plan HQ.

We're lucky to have the perspective that we get from this never ending learning curve, so we'd like to share with your our personal favourite products - Kit that we always keep in our bags, fit for purpose and exactly what we need on the water.

Coming in at top spot is our fearless leader, Steve Rooster founder, inventor, product designer and ideas man:

Hikers - Carbon Tiller Extension and Pro Laced Boots. These are my three connections with the boat.  Sailing high performance dinghies means I need those connections to be effective - comfortable hiking on a super grippy hiking strap.  Hike pads on my Pro Hikers that allow me freedom of movement and at the same time secure connection with the side deck and a secure relaxed grip of the tiller extension that transmits the feedback from the rudder.

Paul from our accounts team is out there every week cutting up the water, an extremely vital and active member of the Rooster Team:

My two favourite Rooster Items I never go sailing without my Polypro top – So comfortable against my skin, keeps me warm when the water is cool – Always my first item of clothing on means whatever I am wearing I will be comfortable – also great for other activities eg cycling and Skiing.

Second favourite item is my Pro race gloves- I try to sail several boats and these are always comfortable to put on protect my hands when playing the mainsheet and spinnaker sheets. Really hard wearing regardless of what boat you sail. Means I have good control of the sheets and tillers which means the only problems are down to me when things go wrong.

Luke, our managing director, a busy man but still finds time to keep getting out, has given us his two-cents on his favourites:

My Overhead BA - Always unnintrusive and lightweight, giving me the the quick and easy adjustment I want and it looks great. Also, my AquaPro Gloves - Toasty Warm, keeps the wind chill out and have great grip on the lines.

Abi, our customer service queen as well as free time dinghy instructor and competitive sailor:

My Supertherm Longjohn is by far my favourite and most used piece of kit. I feel the cold so I wear it all year round with alternating layers on the top depending on the conditions. On colder days I will wear it with a Thermaflex top and Polypro and on warmer days swap out for a Rash Vest. The race style back is great for flexibility, which is essential for quick and smooth spinnaker hoists, perfect for the RS200! I also use it for windsurfing, its super comfortable with a harness and keeps me nice and warm especially as I am still learning so I am spending a lot of time swimming.

My second favourite would be the Aeromesh Visor, it is perfect for keeping long hair out of my eyes when on the water. The material is nice and breathable so it does not get too hot, it also enables it to dry very quickly which is useful on days where there’s lots of spray. Also it provides good protection from the sun.

Andy from the warehouse knows his fair share from a lifetime on the water but his thing is now everything cycling:

UV Neck sleeve and hot hands, I love to use the neck sleeve as a hat to wear under my cycle helmet and also as a neck sleeve and the gloves for when it's cold.

Sophie, part of our incredible sales team and long-time water lover:

My top rooster product is by far the supertherm long john. Its perfect all year round as you can alternate the layers you wear with it – cold weather? Thermals!! Hot weather?? Rash or the women’s sports bra and shorts combo. Its perfect.

As I was learning to windsurf in lake garda my supertherm longjohn was amazing – I fell in the lake a lot!! That strong north wind in the morning followed by an even stronger south wind in the afternoon could really keep you cold. So wearing the supertherm longjohn was perfect to keep off the chill whilst leaving your arms free to cling on to the boom for dear life! 5 stars from me.

My second favourite has to be the womens thermaflex top. The amazing bright blue pattern reminds me of some magical ice fire design – plus I love being matching with my twin sister when we sail. Its very funny confusing everyone as to who’s who, particularly our own mum!! Always a bonus that the blue matches our spinnaker too! Great design by rooster – another 5 stars from me.

Mark, Oracle of all things Chandlery, Solo Master and sales expert:

My all time favourites are the Rooster padded toestraps, the Rooster low cut boot, and the Rooster Solo padded rudder bag, to protect those edges on the rudder blade, oh and those chafe protectors for dinghy booms!

Sue, our wonderful warehouse woman wants you to know that although she doesn't get out on the water, she absolutely loves the Keeper bag because she can get all her shopping in - what a star!

Christine, our long-term lady on the phone and key sales team rep, lady who launches:

I always wear polypro socks (first on) then hot socks to keep my feet toastie even on a wet launch. Because they are both quite thin, my normal boot size works well too. 

Emma, (me) marketing and design legend, hero to the masses:

I like to surf and wakeboard more than anything so it's the Impact buoyancy Aid for me, there's nowhere near as much protection in the usual competition vests you get for wakeboarding than there is in this 50N CE impact Buoyancy Aid. Also my Hot Hands are indispensable, they're great for surfing and are much better for wakeboarding in the winter compared with thick neoprene gloves that give me the most horrendous forearm pump.

Last but not least, our high-flying product designer Kate, pioneer of the Women's range amongst so many more incredible product innovations:

For me, it's the women's range, I designed it precisely to fit and be comfortable to all female body shapes and still has all the technical features needed for hiking, supping and chilling . Also though, the Pro-Laced Ankle Strap Boot is really comfy and supportive on the old feet.

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