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Articles written by our Ambassadors, sailors from the front and the back of the fleet with some interesting views on our sport.


This will contain campaign reports, articles about how to approach a sponsor with articles about the RYA pathway  and a lifetime pathway - giving some incite into changing from one boat to another. 


Boat Maintenance Tips

With so much great information generated by our team and our ambassadors, from how to re rig a kite halyard on a Feva, to how to make a Tuck Splice, or how to varnish a carbon mast. 


Kit Guide

New products, any special offers, hints on what to wear and when, layering guides and much more can be found here. 


Technique Tips

This might have been called the Boat Whisperer Section.  It certainly has video critiques, blogs and articles written by Steve Cockerill as well as some from our team who have experience in different aspects of the sport. 


Tuning Guide

As the name suggests you might find a particular tuning guide for a boat - but you may also find articles with suggested updates to your boat that will improve performance.  


Blog Archive

This contains our Word Press archive.  It is rather slow to load, but the information is priceless. We will be moving blogs across to our new faster platform, updating them where necessary.  It is a mammoth task, but we think its worth it. 

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