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At Rooster, we are proud to support a wide range of sailing classes and clubs, ensuring that sailors of all levels and abilities can have the opportunity to thrive on the water. From youth classes to specialised sailing communities, our commitment spans across many events and classes. Here’s a look at some of the many classes we proudly support:

RS Sailing Classes

Our partnership with RS Sailing has been a cornerstone of our community involvement. For years, we've sponsored and supplied prizes for numerous RS racing events, becoming the sailing kit maker of choice for many RS sailors. Our dedication to making sailing enjoyable and accessible for everyone is evident in our ongoing support and active participation in the vibrant RS community.

J/70 Class

The J/70 class represents an exciting venture into the keelboat and sportsboat scenes for us. Following a successful European Championships last year, we have partnered with the UK J/70 class. This partnership highlights our commitment to supporting bigger boats and we’re excited about the future and opportunities this collaboration brings.

Topper Class

We believe in nurturing young talent and supporting the development of youth sailors. The Topper class is a prime example of our commitment to youth sailing. From local regattas to World Championships, our support for Topper events helps foster a love for sailing among young sailors and aids their growth and development in the sport.

4000 Class

The 4000 class is another area where our support is making a significant impact. By providing the necessary gear and backing for events, we help 4000 sailors achieve their best performances, whilst also being the official license holder for everything to keep your 4000 in racing condition.

Blind Sailing

We recognise the unique challenges faced by sailors with visual impairments and are committed to providing the support they need to excel. Our involvement in the Blind Sailing community underscores our belief that sailing should be accessible to all. Having supported them for the last 5 years we are incredibly proud of the achievements of these sailors including the team becoming World Blind Sailing Champions in 2019.

Deaf Sailing

Similar to our efforts with Blind sailing, we have inclusivity at the heart of our mission. Our support for Deaf Sailing ensures that sailors with hearing impairments have the resources and opportunities to participate fully in the sport. We help make sailing accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their abilities.


As one of the fastest growing fleets, we have been collaborating with the SailGP Inspire Waszp sailors since 2019 to promote foiling among younger generations. Now, with our partnership with the UK class and support for the North American Championships, we are excited to see where this collaboration leads.

Laser/ILCA Class

Our journey began with the Laser class, and it remains a fundamental part of our identity. Our founder, Steve, launched Rooster Sailing after campaigning in the Laser class in the 90s and creating the Polilite mainsheets, which quickly became a favourite among top sailors. We are thrilled to have rekindled our sponsorship with the ILCA fleet, continuing our legacy of supporting one of the most popular and competitive sailing classes.


Beyond traditional sailing classes, we are also enthusiastic supporters of various other water sports. Our involvement in the Round Hayling Challenge highlights our commitment to supporting diverse water sport events, bringing together athletes from various disciplines to compete in a challenging and thrilling race around Hayling Island. We are continuing to support the Women’s Open Keelboat Championships, where women get a weekend to have a go at all the different roles on a keelboat and participate in an encouraging but competitive environment. Additionally, we are honoured to support the Women's Paddle Symposium, an event that empowers women in paddle sports through workshops, training sessions, and community building. Top of Form

There are many other events and classes that we help clubs and classes out with, and we are always interested in hearing about exciting events within your community. If you’ve got a special event happening and in need of some support, get in touch with our team on hello@roostersailing.com