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The Aquafleece® Robe

By kate morrison 29th November 2022

The latest development in our iconic Aquafleece® range takes the form of the ‘Aquafleece® Robe’. This robe is the perfect answer for those cold days. Perfect for chucking on after a sports session, whether that be sailing, sea swimming, cycling, running to aid in recovery– it’s so versatile, once you put it on you won’t want to take it off. In fact, most the Rooster team in the office are now reaching for this jacket in everyday life as ‘it feels like wearing a dressing gown’. Keeping the samples located in one place has been a challenge to say the...

Why do we do Black Friday?

As a brand that are anti-consumerism, and whose primary aim is to make quality durable products, reduce unnecessary purchasing and...

By kate morrison 15th November 2022