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The Solidarity EURILCA Programme Explained

By Rooster Ambassador 22nd April 2024

 The Solidarity Programme was initiated in 2018 at the Annual Meeting of Eurilca. During this meeting, the board noted that there were remaining funds in the account. I suggested creating the Solidarity Project to assist nations that were not participating in the Europeans. That's how we got started... Since then, we have managed to enable over 100 sailors to represent their countries at ILCA 4 European Championships. The goal of the project is not only offering economic support, but also high-level coaching and support before, during and after the championship on the water and on the shore. We offer free...

2024 Shows: Where are we heading?

We are very excited to announce that 2024 will be another jam packed calendar of boat and outdoor shows. As...

By Florence Hales 14th December 2023

Being Average, But Doing Amazing!

Being Average, But Doing Amazing! I guess I regularly pinch myself and wonder, how did I get here? As a...

By Rooster Ambassador 18th October 2023

The Aquafleece® Robe

The latest development in our iconic Aquafleece® range takes the form of the ‘Aquafleece® Robe’. This robe is the perfect...

By kate morrison 29th November 2022

Why do we do Black Friday?

As a brand that are anti-consumerism, and whose primary aim is to make quality durable products, reduce unnecessary purchasing and...

By kate morrison 15th November 2022