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Boat Maintenance Tips

Blog articles on looking after and improving your dinghy, keelboat, or SUP, including articles showing how to repair or fix issues.

Simple Foil Repair using the WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy System

By Abi Bentley 22nd February 2022

A simple guide to fixing typical damage on leading and trailing edges on dinghy foils. - Write up by Abi BentleyHaving never fixed a chipped rudder dinghy blade tip, Roosters Mark Harper (who has built many high-performance dinghy foils in the past) showed me a very simple method of using the handy size WEST SYSTEM Six10 Epoxy to repair such damage. Below is the damage to an RS200 rudder blade causing a rather nasty chip on the rudder tip. This sort of damage is very typical of a dinghy foil. I am informed by Mark, to affect a good repair,...

Rooster How to - Laser Gunwale Repair With West 610

Probably the most common repair we will ever need to do to an old Laser is the gunwale repair.  ...

By Steve Cockerill 22nd February 2022