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The latest development in our iconic Aquafleece® range takes the form of the ‘Aquafleece® Robe’. This robe is the perfect answer for those cold days.

Perfect for chucking on after a sports session, whether that be sailing, sea swimming, cycling, running to aid in recovery– it’s so versatile, once you put it on you won’t want to take it off. In fact, most the Rooster team in the office are now reaching for this jacket in everyday life as ‘it feels like wearing a dressing gown’. Keeping the samples located in one place has been a challenge to say the least… 

Having recently won the Clothing and Crew Accessories Category in the prestigious Dame Award 2022 at the METs Trade Show in Amsterdam, this is an invention we are proud of, alongside the focus on sustainability that we put behind this.

But this is just like any other robe on the market you may ask – what is so different about the Rooster® Aquafleece® Robe?

We scratched our heads together off the back of the supply chain implications involved with the Coronavirus pandemic to think more cleverly in producing a product that utilised Rooster fabrics, ones we already have stock of in the factory, alongside eco-friendly fabrics to make a sustainable product – not only for the supply chain but also for economic, social and environmental aspect. This meant that we could support our factory workers, whilst some of the other materials were difficult to source. The robe is based from our well known Aquafleece® Rigging Coat, but with a simpler construction and panel layout to maximise on useable fabric from the roll. As we use the Aquafleece® fabric across our extensive range, all offcuts from this product go into the production of other products.

To think out the box further, the concept to have a removable fluffy teddy lining was something that we knew the importance of – we all know how smelly we can get after a hard run in the trails, or a salty session in the sea! The ability to remove the lining, means you can wash the liner and keep your Robe fresh.

But not only does the removable liner give the benefit of washing, it also means the Robe has a multi-purpose 4 in 1 use. Wear it as a super cosy warm jacket, or take the lining out to have a lighter weight long rain coat (proven to be a popular one for dog walking), then you have 2 ways you can wear the liner – one way gives you a fluffy dressing gown feel against your body, the other puts this on the outside with the flatter surface on the inside. You choose how to wear it.

Another key benefit to the removable liner is that it is made from recycled plastic bottles (recycled Polyester), and it can be recycled again when it comes to the end of its life, so the idea is it can just keep circulating round and round for its next life, and not contributing to landfill. We’ve teamed up with the Final Straw Foundation on this one, who have given us extra advice for some handy information on safe washing for the liner:

Washing your Aquafleece® Robes lining is easy, but we need you to help us trap those microfibres, so they don’t contribute to plastic waste in our seas. Please get yourself a Guppyfriend Washing Bag and place your robe lining in there before it goes in the washing machine. This bag will trap those fibres for you. Once the washing cycle is finished then take your bag out and remove your lining. Then simply hang your lining to dry and gently shake out the inside of your guppy bag into the bin and place it ready to be used again. You can use it for any item you own that is made of synthetic materials.

 We spoke to Bianca at the Final Straw Foundation;

“We are big fans over here of a comfy and warm robe to throw on after a big session in the sea or out on the beaches. We regularly wear ours on beach cleans.

Why do we like the Rooster one so much? Well, it’s because they are thinking further down the line environmentally and not stopping at just using plastic waste already on our planet.

We all know this can be seen as a bit greenwashy, using plastic bottles to make clothing, but they are openly addressing the way in which we care for the robes, to ensure that all microfibres from the washing side of this product are captured, and they don’t end up down the drain and into our seas. Plus, Rooster is encouraging everyone to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their personal plastic footprint. The environment is important to Rooster, and it’s a pleasure to see them taking their responsibility so seriously.

As a company they are looking at phasing out the synthetic fibres they use but are using up all the stock they have so none is wasted. It’s going to be great to watch their journey over the next few years. “

 The outer shell fabric is fully waterproof with taped seams and due to the natural properties of the Aquafleece® fabric, it doesn’t need to be reproofed EVER, so you won’t have to worry about leaking. AND another bonus is that as the fabric is a bonded fabric, with no additional coatings, there will be minimal run off pollution into the eco system when worn in the rain. We know the fabric in and out through over 20 years of developing Aquafleece® products, so you can trust us on this technology.