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As a brand that are anti-consumerism, and whose primary aim is to make quality durable products, reduce unnecessary purchasing and in turn reduce our environmental footprint, it might seem contradictory that we partake in Black Friday activities and promotions that actively promote consumption. So why is this?

There are simple reasons why we see it important to actively promote and partake in Black Friday:

1. We want to give all our customers and reach an equal chance to purchase rooster products.


We understand that our pricing has had to increase over the years, and this is something that we are mindful can mean our product range may become out of reach of some pockets.
We try to minimise these rises but unfortunately the creep up has had to happen due to several reasons; increasing costs of manufacture, shipping, raw material costs, more environmentally friendly processes/handling and of course being selective in our manufacturers to ensure fair pay and appropriate working conditions.
Putting out Black Friday deals encourages inclusivity for our customers to be able to purchase some products that they may not have otherwise been able to have access to at full retail price.



2. We listen to customer feedback when it comes to product development and improvements.


We love to hear feedback on our products, and how they can be better. Often our Black Friday deals will be encouraging the shift of stock, where a new version may be in the pipeline, or we are making room in our collection for a product that has shown a lot of demand. 
We strive to only update a product where we deem it a necessity, often the update will feed straight into the product line unnoticed yet in a slight technical functional improvement. Discreet updates like this prolong the longevity of a product within society, and honour our trusted dealers and distributors so that there is uniformity across our entire sales network.
Sometimes, however, in order to react to the customer demand and introduce new and improved products into the range, we need to shift some of the previous designs.



3. The sales from Black Friday help us to cover overheads and keep us afloat.

We’re a small company, made up of a strong committed team of likeminded ‘drivers’ that put everything into Rooster as a brand to make sure that we are moving in the right direction and encourage people to practise their sports effectively. As a brand, we rely on sales for the business to run smoothly, and so we can pay our humble team and support their families.

We all enjoy the environment and the benefits it offers, in our sports and at the end of the day we want our network to join us on this mission:
We aim to inspire, educate and facilitate access to the freedom of getting out in the elements! #INYOURELEMENT

We understand you will be bombarded with tempting deals this season, shopping with a conscious mind can reduce unnecessary waste and a heap of returns which doubles the delivery emissions. We thank you for choosing Rooster this Black Friday, our customer service team are always available to chat about products if you are unsure what is for you.